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     How to field test fishing lures and tackle

   About Us:

Have you every wondered how fisherman receive free lures and fishing gear? 


   At Field Test Fishing, we help make it happen!  How?   By joining our Field Test Team, you have the 

   opportunity to receive and test fishing lures.  Membership is absolutely free.  All that we ask is that

   you interact with us by answering a few questions and providing feedback on your experience.  We

   would also really appreciate if you follow us on social media, like/follow us and refer us to a fishing

   friend.  Field Test Fishing has weekly give-a-ways, through our Facebook and other social media

   outlets.  Once you sign-up, we will email you additional information, a link to our member website and 

   how to enter our weekly give-a-ways.


   Lures and gear are provided as available.   Currently, we can only provide fishing gear to the lower 48  

   States (U.S.), but hope to expand in the future. 


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   The Field Test Fishing Team